The media’s agenda has done (and continues to do) enormous damage to America

Panic rarely results in effective decision-making. A Stanford Professor of Medicine and epidemiology says that the government is overreacting, the statistics are wrong and he believes that the economy should be open or else we are intentionally crushing the economy without good cause. So, why is he virtually ignored by almost all media outlets while they bring on people like Bill Gates, a non-scientist, endlessly? Why don't governors in Illinois and Michigan use scientists like him as their source along with fear mongers, especially when previous predictions of doom and gloom are so wrong? Could it be that this Stanford professor just doesn't fit in with the agenda? “A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data.” More specifically, Dr. Ioannidis contends that there isn’t enough data about COVID-19 to implement drastic governmental and societal responses that crush the global economy and...(Read Full Post)
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