Spot the real heartlessness

We get it: the mainstream media and other Democrats want you to hate President Trump. They see him as mean, among many other faults.  But they need to look in the mirror to find real heartlessness.  For example, Joe Scarborough states that Trump has no sympathy for victims of the coronavirus as he campaigns for Biden:

Joe Scarborough's Bowing, Scraping Question to Biden: Can You Talk About People's Pain?

I want to ask you, Mr. Vice President, to talk to the people who are hurting and suffering right now. Willie and Mika and I were talking earlier about what a shame it is that right now in the middle of a pandemic where over 30,000 people have died, hundreds of thousands have been impacted and are suffering right now, either by this disease or being out of work. They don't have a national leader that can express sympathy. Could you talk to them as a man who's endured loss and tell them what's on your mind right now, and how you understand what they're going through?

Hey Joe, 

Do you think a fully developed baby that Democrats let die has pain and suffering? Where is your empathy for that human being?

When you and Obama allowed the terrorist to maim and kill thousands to appease the tyrants from Iran did that cause pain? Did you have empathy for those who died and were maimed or were you more concerned about a legacy?

When Obama and Hillary left people to die in Benghazi and then lie continually, including to the families of those who died did that cause pain?  Didn’t it appear that Obama and Hillary were more concerned about getting reelected than having empathy for the families of those who died.

When you and Obama refused to give Ukraine weapons, to appease Putin, did that cause death and pain? Did you have empathy for those who died. Why did you threaten to cut off aid from Ukraine if they didn’t stoop an investigation into a corrupt company where your son got millions for a no show job when he had no qualifications, other than being your son, for the job?

Did you cause great death and pain when you trusted Putin to monitor Assad's use of chemical weapons?

How much death and pain were caused when Obama dictatorially stopped a year’s long investigation into drug running by terrorists to appease Iran?

How much death and pain has been caused because you and Obama depleted the strategic medical supplies and equipment inventory and didn't replace it? Why didn’t you prepare for a pandemic?

How much death and pain are caused when illegal immigrants kill, rape or assault people because sanctuary cities and states refuse to enforce laws Congress passed? Why do you think journalists rarely have significant reports on those who died at the hands of illegal immigrants? Do you think it is because that doesn’t fit the agenda? 

Where was the empathy for the kids you and Obama separated from their parents at the border when you put them in cages?

Can you please talk about the pain to a woman when you sexually abuse her and stick your fingers in her? Why shouldn’t we believe you forcefully attacked her since we have been told by journalists and other Democrats that women all should be believed.

It is obvious that Joe won’t be asked tough questions because his advisors know he has trouble maintain cogent thoughts for more than a few minutes. Nope, the media will just campaign for him and say how wonderful, competent and caring the Obama/Biden administration was when there were no scandals. 

Caricature by Donkey Hotey