Rep. Dan Crenshaw politely destroys Bill Maher's blame game against Trump

We all know that decisions are based on best guesses about future events.  We don't get to make prospective decisions with the benefit of hindsight.  Some decisions when made are manifestly stupid (no smart decision ever began with the phrase "hold my beer"), and even some thoughtful ones reflect bad reasoning ("I have returned from Germany with peace for our time"). However, when dealing in real time with an unknown disease playing out in countries with different population demographics, different health care systems, and different record-keeping (and, in China's case, lots of lies), it's unlikely that there will ever be a perfect response.  Nevertheless, the newest Democrat position is that, because Trump's response failed to block the Wuhan flu from landing on our shores, he is a blundering, blustering incompetent who is ready for another impeachment. When someone comes flying at you with that kind of broad...(Read Full Post)
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