Polyamory, says the left, is cool โ€“ until the most vulnerable among us get hurt

The nuclear family, one with a married mother and father, has proven very successful in Western culture. Children benefit from a nurturing mother in the home and a successful father outside of the home. Children benefit as well from the different energies men and women bring to childrearing. This is not to say that nontraditional parenting cannot produce successful, happy children. It’s simply noting that, on the bell curve, the traditional nuclear family is the big fat part with the best results. Small wonder, then, that the left has been out to destroy the nuclear family for seventy years. It started with the Kinsey report, which tricked Americans into believing that monogamous heterosexuality wasn’t normative but was, instead, a behavior that fell somewhere on a vast spectrum. The reality, which didn’t come out until decades later, was that Kinsey was a bisexual masochist whose “researchers” came from the fringes of society, including...(Read Full Post)
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