Outrage continues to grow about de Blasio's anti-Semitic tweets

Yesterday, you learned that New York mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted out an attack against Williamsburg's Jews for attending a rabbi's funeral on public streets, and he implicitly threatened to round them up for violating New York's lockdown.  Threatening to round up Jews is never a good look for a politician. The Hasidic Jewish community was stunned by de Blasio's response because they'd been in contact with the police immediately after their rabbi died and believed that they had permission to hold the funeral: In a statement distributed to reporters, Jacob Mertz, a spokesman for the congregation that organized the funeral, said organizers had the streets closed for the funeral to allow mourners to participate while following social distancing guidelines. "Unfortunately, this didn't pan out, and NYPD had to disperse the crowds," the statement said. "We shall note that everyone followed the police...(Read Full Post)
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