Might the EU be the coronavirus's next big fatality?

Too big to fail? It's not just small business sinking with the Chinese coronavirus, the European Union itself may go down like the Titanic. That's the cold realistic verdict from France's alarmed president, Emmanuel Macron, who warned of just that in an interview to the Financial Times (subscription only) warning Europe's complacent EU technocrats to start helping Italy and other nations crushed under the coronavirus nightmare, or else. According to London's Express: Emmanuel Macron insisted Brussels had “no choice” but to set up a rescue fund that allows member states to share the debt burden of their coronavirus pandemic with richer neighbours. In a scathing assessment of the bloc’s response to the outbreak, he said the EU faced a “moment of truth” to prove whether it was more than just a single economic market. “If we can’t do this today, I tell you the populists will win — today,...(Read Full Post)
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