Meet the crummy little Russian operative who helped Halper in the Steele dossier bid to Get Trump

One of the enduring mysteries of the phony, scurrilous "Steele dossier" used to justify so much government abuse of power against President Trump is the question of who came up with it. Who was the crummy little Russian operative who made up all the stuff about Trump and the peeing prostitutes in the Moscow hotel room (such a sick imagination), as well as the erroneous nonsense about Russia having a Miami consulate?  It was all made up dreck, and the Democrats, commissioning former U.K. intelligence official Christopher Steele to procure it in 2016, actually paid millions and millions of dollars for it. I mean, if fake is what they wanted, I could have written something fake for them, for much less. Anyone can do fake. They even could have written it themselves and kept all their money. But for some reason it was important to these Democrats to shell out big, big bucks for fake, and the Steele...(Read Full Post)
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