Meat shortages: The wages of 'cheap' illegal labor

In 2004's preachy, much panned leftist mockumentary, A Day without a Mexican, the supposedly hypothetical scenario, about how California would fall apart if all its Mexicans, including illegals, somehow disappeared, was acted out.  The film had a grand old time portraying white people as a bunch of soft, privileged fools, unable to clean even their own toilets. This is annoying because it lumps most Americans into a stereotype of a typically feckless, over-monied limousine liberal, such as you might really find in Hollywood circles. But it did raise the question of U.S. dependence on illegal foreign labor. Seems we might just be experiencing that now with the big meat plant shutdowns, based on problems with much of the labor force being out with the coronavirus.  The plants also are described in news reports as having an "immigrant" workforce.  Based on the number of ICE...(Read Full Post)
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