Leftists fight back against ending the shutdown by crying 'racism'

Since we've learned more about the virus, it's becoming clear that, because the virus isn't as deadly as the models claim, a complete economic shutdown is not going to save lives.  Armed with that information, the logical thing to do is to reopen the economy as quickly as possible.  The rising number of people protesting, committing civil disobedience, and taking advantage of any exceptions to lockdown (just look at these surfers), shows that Americans are ready and, indeed, desperate to get back to normal. Democrats, however, are loath to do so.  I posited on Tuesday that, with their draconian lockdown orders, all of which are predicated on successfully erasing the virus with a vaccination (reminder: there's still no AIDS vaccination), the Democrats' real goal is to tank the economy so Trump cannot get re-elected. I'm even more concerned about a political motive behind the shutdowns now that hardcore...(Read Full Post)
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