Is crazy liberalism the 'new normal'?

We’ve been hearing it from liberals for the last eight or so years.  Remember Obama speaking about his weak economy?  He said that was the new normal. As COVID-19 provides ammunition to leftists they begin to speak of sheltering as a “new normal.”  Imagine that, people holed up in their houses and putting a mask on before they go to the market to buy supplies as something desirable.   “This thing could last for a year or two, so be prepared for a new normal” they intone. Why do liberals think that and then say that? They say it because they are not normal. And they hate what is normal. I remember when some fool asked President Clinton “You are our father.  What can you do to provide for us?” That’s just not normal.  Asking the leader of your government to treat you as a child is just not normal. I get that folks wish to separate themselves from the crowd.  “Look at...(Read Full Post)
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