Here's an irony for you: Tobacco may save the world

One fascinating thing about COVID-19 is how it's turned every leftist theory and belief system upside-down.  All the things leftists have advocated have only made us more vulnerable to epidemic disease.  Now, in a supreme irony, there's a possibility that one of the things they most hate — tobacco — will ride to the rescue. COVID-19, in many ways, may prove to be the undoing of leftism.  Here's a short list of all the leftist ideas that are taking a beating thanks to the pandemic: Globalism: It turns out that interconnectedness is dangerous and that international organizations, such as the WHO, are intellectually corrupt and in thrall to totalitarian governments. Open Borders: Countries around the world, including those within the European Schengen zone, are slamming their borders shut.  Even Mexico again wants a working border with the United States. Global Warming: The virus...(Read Full Post)
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