Hard to fight a virus without soap

On Tuesday, I had a chat with Miguel Henrique Otero, president and editor of El Nacional in Venezuela. His grandfather founded the newspaper in the 1940s and was recently forced to go online because the Maduro regime stopped supplying it with paper.  Miguel is convinced that it had to do with their coverage of allegations that President Maduro and pals were involved in drug-trafficking and money-laundering. Miguel is living in Spain along with other newspaper principals. During our chat, I asked Miguel about the coronavirus in Venezuela.  This is what he said: Well, the first thing I have to say is that coronavirus has been in China, Korea and these countries ... in Europe and the United States and then at the moment in the developing countries that is starting to happen.  I mean, if we analyze what is happening, what is going to happen in Mexico to Chile it's a terrible situation with coronavirus because we...(Read Full Post)
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