Ex-AP big Ron Fournier's call to black out news from President Trump is outrageous

Ron Fournier is Mister Respectable on the media front.  He's sat on panels, he's lectured the young'uns, he's gotten awards. The former Associated Press Washington bureau chief (he took a couple other jobs and then went into business) was widely considered some kind of dean of reporters, a media standard-bearer, as well as "the hardest working man in Washington."  In the past, he's even criticized the press and pols of all political stripes.  That's why it's so appalling to see him crank out tripe like this: As a former White House reporter, I don’t say this lightly: Media should ignore the Trump follies, abandon the WH briefing room, and interview governors, doctors, nurses, victims and anybody else approaching the truth. Stop being props. Just stop. — Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) April 7, 2020 He's pulling rank, invoking his storied past as a...(Read Full Post)
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