Evil: Pakistani court overturns murder conviction of Daniel Pearl's killers

A Pakistani court covered itself with glory by announcing that the al-Qaeda beasts who kidnapped and savagely killed Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl shortly after 9/11 now get their murder convictions overturned and will go free to walk among us again. Somehow, after all these years, they got it wrong.  The murder never happened, at least not by the slimy hands of these Islamist creeps.  And it was a very bad murder — Pearl was a bright light at the Journal with wonderful parents (we have since learned) who was kidnapped, blindfolded, forced to recite that he was a Jew to his Jew-hating hostage takers, and then beheaded for a despicable al-Qaeda propaganda movie, the better to recruit scumbags who get excited about this stuff.  This dirtbag, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who's still eating his Froot Loops on Gitmo (why is he even still alive?), is the one who actually did it, but the Pakistani creeps...(Read Full Post)
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