Economic shutdown: It's time to end it

There is a line in the film The Fiddler on the Roof: "Wouldn't now be a good time for the Messiah to come?"

It is uttered as the Jews of the Ukrainian village of Anatevka are being forced from their homes in one of the many pogroms that took place at the turn of the 20th century throughout tsarist Russia, around 1905.  Nearly all faiths have some version of a messiah — the promise of the arrival of savior, a liberator, or perhaps a golden age of peace.  However one imagines a messiah, now would be a good time for our beleaguered earthbound President Trump to bite the bullet and liberate the American economy from this stranglehold and let people get back to work.  It is also time for the drastic restructuring of America's mainstream media and the entrenched political class they serve without regard for facts, for it is overwhelmingly leftist, anti-American, untruthful, and alarmist.  Not a person on Earth should doubt China's evil genocidal malfeasance with regard to COVID-19, but our media pretend China is as much a victim as the rest of the world.  Whether or not the virus was created it in a lab and purposely released into the unsuspecting population of Wuhan and then the world, or it was accidental and came from an infected lab worker who transferred the virus to the wet market in that city where all manner of wild animals and rodents are sold for food, or it came from the vermin itself, China is culpable.  The Chinese kept it quiet, hid the evidence, jailed the whistleblowers, and lied about its transmission.  They banned flights from Wuhan to every other city in China but allowed flights to every other country around the world.  Who is to blame for minimizing it in this country aside from China?  The CDC, the WHO, and a host of other media types.  But for a few hosts on Fox News, the rest of the media were obsessed with impeachment and silent on the virus until they realized that it could be used as the next assault on the president. 

When President Trump banned incoming flights from China on Jan. 31, he was eviscerated by the left, Joe Biden in particular.  Even Dr. Anthony Fauci argued against Trump's travel ban, but the president went with his gut and did it, likely saving thousands of lives.  That his gut instincts are smarter and wiser than the entrenched bureaucracy of D.C. makes them hate him all the more.  Trump has exposed the blinkered thinking of the swamp.  The initial response to the virus, even after the travel ban, was hampered by the ridiculous red tape imposed on the president and the rest of us by the CDC and the FDA.  The CDC insisted that only it could provide or approve tests.  These people had none and slowed the development of such tests by others.  It was the CDC that was caught flatfooted.  Then, like the climate crisis alarmists, these people operated on computer modeling without admitting that there was obvious bias infused in every computer model.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Fauci and Birx are both lifelong Democrats who, despite their expertise in their field, may have wittingly or unwittingly seen this virus as an opportunity to disparage Trump.  How else can we explain their drastically overblown predictions that led to the complete shutdown of the nation?  Those models have been recalculated, the morbidity rate is now similar to that of a seasonal flu, and only slightly more than the 2017 flu.  Why do they not repeat over and over again that nearly all those who die have one or several serious other life-threatening medical conditions, principally obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease?  Because the CDC is using the deaths caused by those underlying conditions to inflate the death rate. 

As with any epidemic, pandemic, or war, necessity breeds innovation.  This disease will lead to the greater understanding of this new virus and other mysterious viruses that may come along in the future.  Experts in microbiology, virology, and epidemiology; lung specialists; etc. will come away from this crisis with a great deal of new knowledge and new treatments.  Yes, this "flu" is different, but doctors all over the world have been quick to get up to speed.  To the fury of the left, because it was the president who first mentioned it, hydroxychloroquine works.  The antibodies from the plasma of recovered patients work.  Israel has found that placenta cell therapy works.  Other experts are opposed to the shutdown.  They believe that only herd immunity can stop such a virus.  Is this how California has escaped the fate of New York?  Perhaps. 

COVID-19 has exposed to all but our media the venality of China, the China-controlled WHO, and the regulation-plagued CDC and FDA.  The media have relentlessly attacked the president for responding "late," but that is a big group lie.  Like the distribution of "copy-that" talking points of the JournoList, they decided as a pack to use the virus to attack Trump 24/7 despite the fact that he had been dealing with it and had assembled a task force many weeks before any of them even noticed or mentioned it.  Impeachment was the story of the day, every day, until it wasn't.

Birx's and Fauci's extremely flawed computer models upon which the shutdown was ordered and which have been so drastically revised downward reveal the lunacy of putting the brakes on the best economy the U.S. had enjoyed in decades. Yes, mitigation has probably accounted for some of those reduced predictions but those wildly over-estimated projections have been a massive disaster for millions of working Americans who are now unemployed. The Democrats and the media, after downplaying the virus for many weeks, doubled down on stupid. They naturally assume that none of us will remember or be reminded of all their casual dismissal of the virus as a threat early on. Only Trump took it seriously, only to be hampered by the tyranny of our over-regulated dictatorial bureaucracy. And now we are all semi-prisoners in our own homes, our young people are not in school, and all elective surgeries have been cancelled. Hospital workers are being furloughed. It seems we have passively given up an enormous measure of our freedom and constitutional rights because a few doctors made some bad models. It is time for all this end now. Those people who are at risk should self-quarantine. All other Americans need to get on with their lives and their work. The president needs to reclaim our freedom. 

"No Moses, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Nanak, Plato, Socrates or Naskar can give you liberty. No Bible, Vedas, Quran, Republic, Meditations, Analects or Principia Humanitas can give you liberty. You need to get it yourself, or else it's not true liberty."  ―Abhijit Naskar

Image credit: Society 6, shareable image.