Do we really want WHO setting U.S. national health policy?

Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Mitt Romney (R-UT) have introduced a "Global Health Security Act" creating "a new directorate" ostensibly "empowered to press the preventative levers that can protect the nation."  More accurately, the bill (not yet assigned a senate number at this writing) requires the U.S. to adopt and implement the World Health Organization's "Global Health Security Agenda" (GHSA) across the government.  The GHSA includes a detailed set of "International Health Regulations" (IHR) meant to ensure prompt and effective responses to international health incidents.  The Murphy-Romney legislation will embed the IHR into U.S. health policy and ultimately into our lives and homes. Unfortunately, those International Health Regulations have already failed in the case of COVID-19 (and to be clear, not through any fault or omission of the United States).  The IHR procedures unequivocally and explicitly...(Read Full Post)
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