Do the health experts see the collateral damage in shutting down the US economy?

The question must be asked of the medical professionals: how many Americans must die, not because of the virus, but because of your remedy? It is a great uncertainty, and that helps alleviate the medical professionals of their culpability in the collateral damage that is killing Americans.  How can anyone know this indirect cause of death of poor Americans?  Yet there will be massive numbers of Americans who will die of poverty-related causes.  How can that be substantiated?  Look at just one study published in the Harvard Gazette and funded in part by the NIH. The study concludes that richer people live longer, and the richer you, are the longer you live.  No plateau on how rich, and the converse is therefore true.  The poorer you are, the more likely you live a shorter life, again with no plateau.  The differences in life expectancy are startling. Women have an age difference from richest to poorest of 10...(Read Full Post)
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