Bild, one of Germany's major news outlets, rakes China over the coals

China has been working overtime to deflect responsibility for the Wuhan virus's leap from a Chinese bio lab into a worldwide pandemic that's caused death and economic destruction around the globe.  While Democrats want to blame Trump more than China, in England, people know that China is at fault and, in Germany, one newspaper has directly challenged China.  In America, a media establishment in thrall to Trump Derangement Syndrome is promoting Chinese propaganda to derail Trump's re-election campaign.  (See, e.g., "CNN accused of 'literally publishing Chinese propaganda.'")  This joint Chinese and mainstream media propaganda effort has worked, up to a point.  According to a Rasmussen poll, 60% of Democrats believe that Trump is more responsible than China for the Wuhan virus in America.  Outside the Democrat swamp, though, people have taken note of the fact that the Wuhan virus is a Chinese...(Read Full Post)
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