Andrew Cuomo is in for a reckoning for placing COVID-19 patients into vulnerable NY nursing homes

Remember when the New York City official, Scott Stringer, declared that President Trump had "blood on his hands" over his coronavirus response? He ought to have been directing his remarks to the vaunted Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, instead.  His policies are precisely why New York has the worst coronavirus record of any U.S. city, and he's going to have to start answering questions. Here's how bad it was, from the Daily Wire: On March 25, New York's Health Department issued a mandate that state nursing homes could not refuse COVID-19-positive patients who were "medically stable," meaning facilities that housed the most vulnerable populations were forced to introduce the virus into their midst. A nursing home in Queens received two coronavirus patients who had been discharged from a hospital (but were still contagious and in need of care) – along with a box containing body bags, The New York Post...(Read Full Post)
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