Tired of hearing about victimhood

Once upon a time, we used to hear that the Democrats were the "party of diversity."  Today, we hear that it is the party of "sexism." We just saw two examples of how the Democrats blame everything on sexism. First, Representative Tulsi Gabbard wants to be on the upcoming debate.  She wants in!  She did not get the votes to qualify, the same thing that happened to the other ladies and gentlemen who had to withdraw. What's going on?  Should Cory Booker demand a spot on the stage too because he is African American? To paraphrase Chubby Checker: It's quota time! Second, Elizabeth Warren couldn't help herself.  She brought up sexism, too.  I guess a third-place finish in Massachusetts is due to all of those sexist Democrat voters. I love what Miranda Devine wrote about this: This is the problem with too many liberal women.  They campaign as...(Read Full Post)
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