Pigs were seen flying in New York. Wait! It was a CNN anchor praising Trump.

Outside Fox News, which isn't always so fond of Trump, either, the left-leaning mainstream media have been unified in their hatred for Trump.  The media outlets that are vying for first place when it comes to Trump-hatred are CNN and MSNBC.  It's gotten to the point where it seems that the only thing that constitutes news at those outlets is material that can be weaponized against Trump.  The coronavirus, therefore, has been manna from Heaven for America's media. For that reason, it's a newsworthy, flying-pigs moment when someone in the drive-by media praises Trump.  That's why it was news that, on Tuesday, Dana Bash, CNN's chief political correspondent, openly praised Trump for his recent responses to coronavirus's spread in the United States. Following Trump's press conference on Tuesday, Sanjay Gupta was complaining about Dr. Fauci and Donald Trump.  Dana Bash, to everyone's surprise,...(Read Full Post)
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