Mike Rowe brings a dose of common sense to coronavirus panic

Mike Rowe has won legions of fans because he is the ultimate pragmatic man.  He came to fame showing us the "dirty jobs" that keep America functioning.  His current crusade is to deflect some energy, money, and prestige from academic degrees and channel it into trade certifications.  He makes the case that we have a deficit of people capable of keeping the country running at a mechanical level and that more English majors will not solve the problem. In a long and fascinating Facebook post, Rowe turns his pragmatic outlook to the coronavirus.  He is not a skeptic and has the humility to recognize that he doesn't fully understand the whole situation.  Still, he understands how systems work, and he's worried that the panic that's breaking the American system is worse than the coronavirus itself. Before getting to Rowe's wisdom, here are a few things to think about.  First, Rowe is not alone in...(Read Full Post)
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