Just as his politic prospects are rising, Joe Biden commits the ultimate gaffe

With Joe Biden's South Carolina victory showing that he's still a viable candidate and with the specter of an unelectable Bernie the Red hovering over the Democrat party, the Democrat Powers that Be seem to have spoken firmly to Buttigieg and Klobuchar, both of whom abruptly dropped out of the race within 36 hours of Super Tuesday.  The Democrat party is powerful.  The problem is that Joe Biden's escalating mental confusion may be more powerful still, as demonstrated by his latest, and most spectacular, gaffe. (The following four paragraphs sound like a non sequitur.  They're not.  They're leading to an important point about Biden's failing mental state.) Back in 1992, when Ross Perot launched his quixotic presidential campaign, he chose Admiral James Stockdale as his running mate.  Unbeknownst to a shamefully ignorant media, Stockdale was a truly great man.  In 1965, after ejecting from his...(Read Full Post)
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