Israel's principled behavior in this time of viral chaos may pay dividends

On Monday, Israel's Foreign Ministry put out a social media message reminding the world that its employees are continuing to do their jobs.  A picture accompanied the post, showing three young Israeli women, obviously attractive despite the masks they're wearing, standing before an Israeli flag and making hearts with their hands. At the same time, the ministry tweeted the picture out in Arabic, with a more heartfelt wish for the continued health of those who believe in Allah.  The response was both amazing and unexpected. This is the picture that the Ministry tweeted out, with its English language text: Greetings from our headquarters in Jerusalem! This is what our routine looks like under #coronavirus 😷. Stay safe & remember to follow your local health guidelines. We invite you to follow further updates & stories here:👇 👉 👉 — Israel...(Read Full Post)
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