If only America had this one thing, say Democrats, we'd be safe from coronavirus

The media are selling coronavirus as the worst thing since the Black Death (mortality rate: 40–60 percent).  This allows them and Democrat politicians to make two arguments: one, that Trump is incompetent and, two, that socialized medicine is the answer.  They are wrong on both points, especially about socialized medicine.  Socialized medicine kills. Tom Elliott has put together a mind-boggling supercut of leftists stating that the coronavirus proves the need for socialized medicine: SUPERCUT: Surely socialism should solve #Coronavirus! pic.twitter.com/2wUsQTo3t3 — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) March 11, 2020 This is ignorance speaking.  Here are the facts: First, throughout the Cold War, Europe didn't have socialized medicine.  It had American-funded medicine because America subsidized Europe's defense budget. Second, people in socialized medicine countries don't have...(Read Full Post)
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