Germ warfare from a China press pool denizen?

China's CGTN, or China Global Television Network, is pretty much the RT News of China. It's the state propaganda and disinformation operation most aggressively active, and watched, by spies, of any nation that pays attention to China. Last February 2019, it was forced to register as a foreign agent. So what weird stuff it is to read that one of its reporters has been caught at the White House gate with a high fever, which is a symptom of the highly contagious coronavirus. The fever was in the 100-degree range. You'd know if you had such a fever. Yet the person was clamoring to get into a closed-quarters press briefing with other reporters and President Trump, which, if it were coronavirus he had, would be sure to spread that, (or else another illness) - to Trump, his staff, and the press that follows him around. Check the photo at this link to see how close it is. According to the Washington Examiner, emphasis mine: A journalist was...(Read Full Post)
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