Epidemiologist lowers original catastrophic death prediction

Neil Ferguson was head of the Imperial College London epidemiology study that predicted that, if Britain continued with its experiment of locking up vulnerable people and letting others develop herd immunity, more than 500,000 people would die in Britain.  In the same study, Ferguson and his team said that if America applied Britain's initial limited-quarantine model, there would be more than 2.2 million American deaths.  His research caused both countries to start imposing extreme social distancing and quarantine measures. Ferguson and his Imperial College London team have put out a new study, this one severely downgrading the earlier prediction.  This time, Ferguson and his team believe that British deaths will not exceed 20,000 and could be lower.  The report also indicates that the majority of victims — the aged and sick — are (sadly) likely to die within a year, regardless of the...(Read Full Post)
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