Democrats escalate the lies they’re throwing at Trump about coronavirus

With the rise of coronavirus, the Democrats are so desperate to destroy Trump that they’re lying about everything possible, celebrating damage to the American economy, and working hard to drive ordinary Americans into a blind panic. This is an unusually sordid display of partisanship over country, although none of them have the grace to be ashamed. A look at Obama’s presidency reveals that the Democrats’ standards were quite different back then. To set the stage, here are a few indisputable facts: On January 31, 2020, as China confirmed that 259 people had died and there were about 100 cases reported outside of China, President Trump ordered that the U.S. would prevent foreign nationals who had recently visited China from entering the country. He also ordered quarantined American travelers who posed a high risk.   Democrats called Trump a racist. Democrats were worried that Trump’s germ phobia would make him issue even more and worse...(Read Full Post)
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