Coronavirus could end leftist academia's stranglehold on American youth

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  When life hands you the coronavirus, start looking at all the good that can come from it.  In that regard, if you haven't already read Gordon Wysong's delightful article about the benefits that can flow to America from its brush with coronavirus ("The Coronavirus Will Save America"), you should.  It will lift your spirits. In keeping with Mr. Wysong's premise, here's one more beneficial change that might flow from the coronavirus interlude in America: it may weaken America's institutions of higher indoctrination, also known as America's colleges and universities. It's common knowledge that American academia is staffed almost entirely with Democrats: There are more than 10 professors affiliated with the Democratic Party for every faculty member who is a registered Republican, according to a new study. Mitchell Langbert, an associate professor of business...(Read Full Post)
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