Bandy X. Lee, the Trump-hating psychiatrist, refuses to diagnose Biden’s issues

Bandy X. Lee is a psychiatrist affiliated with the Yale School of Medicine. She entered the American consciousness in 2017 when she led a pack of psychiatrists, none of whom had ever spoken to Donald Trump, who declared that his extreme mental illness constituted a state of emergency. The psychiatrists claimed a “duty to warn,” even though this duty, like the duty to diagnose, requires having treated a patient. Three years have passed since then and Trump’s governance has been consistent with American norms (but for the Obama interlude). He is a right-of-center president, although more effective than most. The only thing that distinguishes him from 20th- and 21st-century American presidents is that he refuses to take insults lying down and he keeps his campaign promises. Lee, though, has never walked back her unethical diagnosis. Indeed, when asked to comment on Joe Biden’s manifestly bizarre pronouncements, while she refused to address...(Read Full Post)
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