A masterful post explains why coronavirus in China and America may differ

In San Francisco in the 1970s and 1980s, it was routine to see men from China spit in the streets, blow their noses in their fingers and then wipe their hands on anything nearby, and generally violate American hygienic norms.  Outside the tourist zones, Chinatown's restaurants and grocery stores also suggested resistance to American hygiene. The Chinese who came to America to escape communism were amazing people and model immigrants.  They worked hard and were so family-focused and education-oriented that, usually within one generation, they made the leap from Chinatown squalor to lovely suburbs.  However, unlike the Japanese, the Chinese did not bring with them a culture of cleanliness. When it comes to epidemic diseases, these cultural norms matter — and political systems may matter even more. One of the things noted here last week is that the coronavirus, unlike ordinary respiratory viruses, may also be...(Read Full Post)
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