Trump triumphs as Democrats are unable to convict him in the Senate

In order to remove an impeached president from office, at least 67 senators must vote to convict him of the crimes with which he is charged.  That was never going to happen.  From the first, the House's articles of impeachment were merely a means to spend time in front of the American people impugning President Trump.  Nevertheless, it was deeply satisfying to see the House Democrats' impeachment efforts go down in flames. On the first made up article of impeachment (abuse of power), 48 senators voted to convict Trump and 52 voted against convicting him.  The 48 senators supporting conviction included squishy Democrats Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.), and Doug Jones (Ala.), as well as Mitt Romney, an alleged Republican from Utah.  These 48 senators were a far cry from the bipartisan 67 Senators required to convict. The Democrats fared even less well when it came to the second made up article of impeachment...(Read Full Post)
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