The National Popular Vote Compact is halfway there in Virginia

In November 2019, Virginia voters sowed the wind when they handed the entire state government over to Democrats.  They began to reap the whirlwind when the new government launched a full-scale war against Virginians' Second Amendment rights. It was exciting when myriad counties declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries.  That excitement, however, did not alter the fact that a Democrat government was going on the rampage. The next step in this rampage broke on Tuesday, when the Virginia House of Delegates voted to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact ("NPVIC"), an attempted end-run around the Electoral College.  A little background explains why this is such a pernicious idea, one intended to give Democrats a permanent grip on the White House. The Founders feared the mob.  Therefore, they put multiple layers between voters and their government. Until the 17th Amendment, Americans didn't...(Read Full Post)
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