The apocalyptic presidency

We don't hear about campaign finance these days.  It got drowned in the flood of money loosed by Mike Bloomberg.  With billionaires Trump and Bloomers taking over presidential campaigns, this issue just doesn't matter much anymore. Rather than putting their money behind someone else, the real rich guys are getting into the batting cage themselves.  While preferable to us not really knowing where a given candidate's money comes from, this does raise the hoary old fear of only the rich being able to run for president. But it's always been only the rich who could run for president.  While paying your own way is rather in-your-face, it's not very different in principle from having someone else pay your way.  It's the principle of paying for your date or getting your date to foot the bill.  You both get there; it just looks different when somebody else pays for you.  And you're now...(Read Full Post)
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