In the UK, it now spells a product's death if conservatives boast about liking it

Once upon a time, manufacturers marketed their product based upon the product's merits.  In recent years, companies have been selling not their products, but their politics.  So what's a company to do when a disfavored buyer purchases the product in the free market?  According to Britain's social justice warriors ("SJWs"), the company is still responsible and must be punished. Yorkshire Tea is just what it says it is: a company that sells tea.  Its roots go back to 1886, and it is the most popular traditional black tea brand in Britain.  In 1962, the current owners took over the company, rebranded the tea from "Taylors" to "Yorkshire Tea," and have been selling the tea ever since.  The company is still family-owned and has been holding its own against teas like Unilever, Tata (Tesco), Twinings, and Typhoo. The company is still old-fashioned enough to advertise its...(Read Full Post)
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