In the South Carolina debate, the candidates continue to lean to the left

The Democrat debates have a Groundhog Day quality.  The same faces say the same things over and over.  Only die-hard political junkies and those paid to watch are getting anything out of them.  Barring minor gaffes and revelations, the candidates stay in character and say precisely what you'd expect them to say. Bernie Sanders would like America more if it had policies like those in hard socialist countries (as opposed to market-based big-welfare states such as Denmark and Sweden).  When pushed, he'll disavow authoritarian leaders in communist countries but he won't disavow their policies, which he consistently praises.  He makes it clear in every debate that he envisions himself as the "nice" authoritarian leader. For those voters who support Israel, Bernie has given up any semblance of support for the country.  He openly called Netanyahu a "reactionary racist." Mike Bloomberg has an...(Read Full Post)
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