Hilarity results when Bloomberg floats Hillary Clinton as his running mate

It was a Drudge Report headline calculated to shock: “Exclusive: Bloomberg Considers Hillary Running Mate. The underlying story, at CNBC, stated that the Drudge Report itself was claiming that a source close to Mike Bloomberg’s campaign had stated that Bloomberg was considering asking Hillary Clinton to serve as his running mate. The reason given was that internal polling said that the two of them together would be a dynamic duo. The story was met with incredulity and much hilarity (if you'll pardon the pun). The idea that Hillary Clinton would play second fiddle to anyone was hard to fathom. Moreover, given Hillary’s grating personality, the collapse of all her initiatives during her stint as Secretary of State, her habit of enriching herself at the country’s expense, and her failed candidacy, it was hard to imagine why anyone would want her on the ballot. Twitter, the repository of clever one-liners, had a wonderful time imagining what a...(Read Full Post)
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