Even as Democrats infantilize black voters, Trump reaches out to them

From 1865 to 1932, African-Americans were Republicans.  Franklin Roosevelt, though, started the Democrats' Devil's bargain with blacks: government benefits for votes.  This was a disaster for blacks, making them unhealthily dependent on the government.  Trump, however, is moving aggressively to convince blacks that they've got nothing to lose by giving Republicans a try. Despite Democrat efforts to claim Abraham Lincoln for their own, the reality is that abolitionism created the Republican Party, and Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president.  Once blacks were enfranchised, and for decades afterward, they voted a straight Republican ticket.  For them, Democrats were the party of Jim Crow, segregation within the federal workforce, and the KKK. The Depression changed this.  Because they were already economically fragile, it hit blacks especially hard.  Although...(Read Full Post)
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