Elizabeth Warren is a climate hypocrite (and so is Bernie)

Elizabeth Warren has always been a phony.  Her most obvious phony moment was claiming to be a Native American so she could make the leap from state schools into the Ivy League.  Without that fake résumé-enhancer, she was merely a mediocre teacher; with it, she was a sop to the diversity gods. She's told other lies to burnish her records: she lied about her parents' marriage, she lied about her father's job, and she lied about her job prospects when she was first pregnant.  Now another lie has come to light: she's been lying about being green. Legal Insurrection puts the pieces together to explain that Elizabeth Warren never really divested herself of valuable oil-and-gas leases.  Instead, she transferred them to her children so they wouldn't show up in her portfolio while she was enthusiastically supporting the Green New Deal: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) campaigns as an environmental activist,...(Read Full Post)
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