Coronavirus highlights the dangers of socialism and the greatness of capitalism

The history of the coronavirus in China is that it developed over several months in a rigid, top-down, hierarchical society that discourages individual responsibility and stifles innovation.  America is a free country built on innovation, and it appears that this has paid off with a vaccine that Inovio Pharmaceuticals created in three hours. The obvious reason why the coronavirus (now known officially as COVID-19) emerged in China is because the Chinese, especially those in Wuhan, have a habit of eating wild, rather than domesticated, animals.  People snacking on bats, mice, snakes, and other exotic fare are a recipe for zoonosis — that is, infectious diseases that start with animal-to-animal transmission, morph to animal-to-human transmission, and then leap into human-to-human transmission. However, there's also a systemic reason for COVID-19's emergence in China as a potential pandemic, and that is China's communist...(Read Full Post)
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