A new video reveals Elizabeth Warren’s perfectly pre-programmed shtick

No matter the question asked of her, Elizabeth Warren instantly swings into a pre-programmed wrap. “Look,” she’ll say. “I’ve got a plan for that.” And then she’ll start reciting the vague parameters of a plan that invariably involves spending massive, but unspecified, amounts of taxpayer money and significantly increasing the government’s role in every American’s life and livelihood. There’s now a video showing how perfectly rehearsed Warren’s statements are. Sure, the words sometimes change a little, but those changes are relatively insignificant. The substance, the rhythm, the timing . . . they’re all there in perfect order. Irritating as it is to listen to Warren blabber on, especially in stereo, this video is a neat trick and well-worth watching to understand how canned Warren is: Sen. Elizabeth Warren's running through the talking points in the spin room post-debate....(Read Full Post)
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