1,100 former federal prosecutors and DOJ officials demand Barr's resignation

Roger Stone, a nasty, sleazy person who refused to participate in the Russian hoax, was convicted of lying to Congress and making ill tempered threats that his "victim" found laughable.  He was a first-time, nonviolent, elderly offender, so, of course, prosecutors tied to Bob Mueller decided to pay exquisite homage to the letter of the law, without reference to the spirit, and demanded of the judge that Stone get 7–9 years in prison.  Political leakers and hardcore criminals get shorter sentences.  Insiders like Andrew McCabe don't even get prosecuted. When Trump learned about the prosecutors' demands, he posted a tweet calling out this travesty.  Simultaneously, and completely separately from Trump's angry tweets, Bill Barr also learned for the first time about the sentencing request and pulled it, instead asking the judge to exercise her discretion when it came to sentencing Stone.  While...(Read Full Post)
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