Will an Arkansas stripper finally shut down the Schiff show?

In an apparent trashy side story, Joe Biden's son Hunter has an Arkansas judge after him for failing to comply, for the third time, to submitting a financial statement so as to determine how much side support he need to pay for the child that came of his congress with an Arkansas stripper. The judge is angry: On Tuesday, an Arkansas judge ordered Hunter Biden, the youngest son of former Vice President Joe Biden, to appear in court and explain why he should not be held in contempt for violating numerous court orders to provide financial information in his Arkansas paternity case. In the case, Lunden Alexis Roberts, a former Washington, D.C., stripper, has reportedly been awarded full custody and is seeking child support after a November DNA test confirmed that Roberts' son — born in August 2018 — was indeed Hunter Biden's child. Biden has refused to hand over financial records, despite a December 6 order to do so, the Arkansas...(Read Full Post)
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