Who among them is fit to be president?

At a December 10, 2019 rally in Hershey, Pa., Donald Trump said, I’m the only politician in history that has kept more promises than I actually made."  Very amusing, and the gist of the remark bears a measure of truth.  Just imagine how terrifying it would be if one of his Democratic opponents were to beat him in November and make that same crack three or four years down the road. It's been a common refrain all along among Democrats that Donald Trump is somehow unfit to be president.  Aside from the destructive policies the Democrats would subject us to, Trump is "unfit to be president" compared to whom?  Compared, I presume, to this cast of storybook characters: Somehow, when I think of Joe Biden, I hear The Sound of Music: how do you solve a problem like Joe Biden?  Since 1973, when he voted against building the Alaskan pipeline in the midst of an Arab oil embargo, his policy meanderings as a senator...(Read Full Post)
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