Minnesota governor doubles down on 'refugees,' rubs constituents' faces in it

The fatuous Democrat governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, recently rejected President Trump's executive order on seeking local involvement and approval of refugee resettlement.  Walz sanctimoniously declared, "The inn is not full in Minnesota." In justification, he cited the benefits refugees bring but omitted to mention Somali welfare fraud; Somali unemployment, which is triple that of the state as a whole; and from the anecdotal story of a former teacher friend of mine, the Somali response of, "My parents said I don't have to listen to you.  You're not a Muslim!"  And that is the tip of the iceberg.  Local Somalis prefer sharia law, and from studies undertaken in Europe, it is clear that practicing Muslims integrate less well into Western society than any other ethnic or religious group.  I forgo discussing the effect of pro-Somali H.R. policies, which led to the criminal shooting death of an Australian...(Read Full Post)
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