When Wray goes away, will Flynn fill in?

General Michael Flynn is about to be exonerated, Wray isn't doing the job, and the American people desperately need someone trustworthy at the FBI. As various people have reported, FBI director Christopher Wray seems to have lost President Trump's confidence in light of the process abuses headlined in the Horowitz report. Assuming that the impeachment nonsense dies in the House or is quickly killed in the Senate, President Trump can reasonably be expected to appoint a new FBI director fairly soon.  General Michael Flynn is the right man for the job. The Horowitz report makes it clear that the FBI repeatedly and knowingly withheld exculpatory evidence favoring each of the four nominal targets, so it's a good bet that General Flynn will soon be cleared of all charges.  Nominating him for director of the FBI and thus forcing an immediate settlement of all outstanding issues through face-to-face negotiation between Flynn and Barr will benefit...(Read Full Post)
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