The Omadhaun Express rolls through Iowa

As former vice-president Joe Biden travels through Iowa on his bus labeled "No Malarkey," voters under the age of 60 are scratching their heads trying to figure out what that message means. For the clueless ones ambitious enough, they can discover that 'malarkey' is a word the Irish use for insincere or foolish talk. That it fell out of common usage decades ago is a reflection of how dated Biden is more than anything else. No, strike that. By painting "No Malarkey" on his bus, it shows Biden is implying, as humorous as it may sound, that he is a coherent, straight talker, honest as the day is long. YouTube screen grab But of course the exact opposite is the case. Judging from the facts, Joe Biden is a babbling mess of confusion coupled with delusions of grander mixed with base corruption. Virtually every public appearance of Biden confirms this assessment of him in one way or another, and his...(Read Full Post)
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