Relativism cannot abide Judeo-Christian Americanism

Modern-day "wokeness" is an authoritarian bludgeon conjured up by moral relativists to disarm and ultimately overcome those of us who abide by the time-proven morals of what they imply is our sleepy-headed, Judeo-Christian faith tradition. Their secular perspective and relativist zeal lead them to view committed Christians and faithful Jews as blindly clinging to an expired and limiting set of antiquated religious beliefs and social constructs. And yet, for over 2,900 years, the Jewish traditions have endured and been augmented and reinforced by Christians as we approach the 2,000 year anniversary of Christendom. Relativists come and go in episodic, deranged eruptions of aberrant, prideful self-righteousness and dystopian destruction and annihilation of all that leads to a society's common good and the preservation of liberty. If you doubt this assessment, simply explore the history of Islam, the French Revolution, Lenin's and Stalin's Marxist USSR,...(Read Full Post)
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