Lindsey Graham insists that the Bidens and Burisma have no place in a Senate impeachment trial

I admit that I have been lusting after a long Senate impeachment trial in which the Democrats would be put on trial, particularly Joe Biden's confession that he bullied Ukraine into firing the prosecutor who was investigating the bribes of millions of dollars in director's fees paid to his degenerate druggie son, Hunter.  But it is worth considering whether or not a Senate impeachment trial is the proper venue for getting to the exposure of the corruption. Senator Lindsey Graham is making the argument that the impeachment trial is the wrong place for the Biden inquiry.  Rush transcript via Grabien: GRAHAM: "I don't know where this goes, but I know impeachment will be over soon. I supported the Mueller investigation, by the way, for those who care about domestic Politics. I didn't know what Trump had done with the Russians. What have I come to believe? There is no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. If you're...(Read Full Post)
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