Independent voters will carry Trump again in 2020

The independent voter was instrumental in pushing President Trump across the line in swing states in 2016.  Read a left-leaning publication, and you would think independents are all going to vote the Democratic ticket in the next presidential election.  Not true!  Independents will, by and large, vote for candidates that best represent their values, and those values cut across party lines.  Otherwise, they would not be independent voters. Gallup polling reported in 2017 that 42% of Americans identified as independent.  But who is in the independent voting bloc?  By and large, the independent voter is a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.  The independent wants controlled spending but with compassion.  An independent voter votes issues rather than political ideology or partisanship.  He is a voter without longstanding loyalty to or association with a political party.  Independents...(Read Full Post)
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